Food in Mirzapur

Mirzapur shares a distinctive north Indian diet. The town having Mughal ancestral root specializes in Awadhi, Mughlai as well as typical cuisines of Uttar Pradesh. Mirzapur, however, is recognized more for its carpet weaving and brasswares than for its delicacies. However, like any part of India, residents of Mirzapur also love their food and indulge in making delicious culinary items inherited from their ancestors. The city offers very limited option of good restaurants. There are no high-end plush hotels and restaurants in the city and all you get is street side stalls or medium ranged hotels that serves average food.

Food in Mirzapur

It is wise not to have too much of culinary expectations from Mirzapur. The few number of hotels worth trying out serves mostly Indian and continental dishes. The hotels mostly specialize in Awadhi cuisine that includes different types of kebabs, nahari kulcha, biryani, sheermal, warqi parathas, romali rotis and kormas. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants are available in the city. The popular vegetarian dishes in the region are dum bhindi, gobi musallam, kadhi chawal, pasanda paneer, baati chokha, chole bature among others. Here is a list of vegetarian restaurants, you can opt for:

Achman Restaurant
Laldiggi Chauraha, Nataraj Talkiz
Laldiggi Rd, Mirzapur Ho
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 9335516388, 9450576258

Puspanjli Restaurant Mirzapur
Nataraj Talkies, Laldiggi Road
Laldiggi Chauraha
Mirzapur Ho
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 9307479320

Pushpanjali Restaurants
Lal Diggi Water Tank
Lal Diggi Road, Mirzapur Ho
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 5442 254137

Sai Food
Near Sai Garden
Sabri Road
Mirzapur Ho
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 9473614177   

Anupam Hotel in Mirzapur
Bawali Chaurah
Mirzapur Ho, Mirzapur - 23100
Phone no.: 9695120050, 9838953337
Anupam hotel also serves pure vegetarian thali comprising vegetables, lentils, chapattis, rice and sweet.

Non-Veg Restaurants in Mirzapur

There are a number of non-vegetarian outlets that serves north Indian delicacies like biryani, kebab, korma and varieties of other chicken, mutton and lamb items. Some of the good non-vegetarian restaurants are as follows:

Fun City
Fun City Road
Mahant Shivala
SH 74, Saket Puri Colony
Mirzapur -231001

Hot Stuff Restaurant
Lal Diggi Circle
Banaras Road
Mirzapur- 231001
Near State Bank Of India ATM
Phone no.: 9335759471

Hotel Amit - Restaurant
Hotel Amit, Ground Floor
Dhundikatra, Imarti Road
Mirzapur- 231001
Phone no.: 5440 220886
Hotel The Galaxy Mirzapur
Lal Diggi Road
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 05442 220 826

New Spicy Bite in Mirzapur
K.B.P.G. College Rd
Gosain Tola
Mirzapur- 231001, 09307533032

Saket Puri Colony
Mirzapur- 231001

Shagun Restaurant in Mirzapur
Gurhatti, B. L. J. Rd
Mirzapur Ho, Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 9305087519

Shivam Restaurant
Lahauli Gautam
Mirzapur – 231001

Sweet Shops in Mirzapur

Residents of Mirzapur love sweet. When in city, go for rabri, gujiya, gulab jamun, tasmai, ras malai, laung latta, gajar ka halwa, gond ka laddu, imarti, pitha, balu sahi and others. The sweet shops also serve chaats and kachoris, another two very popular dishes of Uttar Pradesh. Some of the most popular sweet shops in Mirzapur are:

Shree Ganesh Misthaan Bhandar
Katra Bazirao
Mirzapur – 231001, 08115690090

Shukla Misthan Bhandar
Sankat Mochan, Aghauli
Mirzapur – 231001

Ashoka Sweets

Ramai Patti District Court
Ramai Patti Road, Mirzapur Ho
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 5442 253083

Chappan Bhog

Pili Kothi, Hotel O.k. Deluxe
Pili Kothi Road, Mirzapur Ho
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 5442 254598, 9935058412

Anmol Sweets House
Wellsely Ganj, Sankat Mochan Mandir
Sai Temple Road
Wellesly Ganj, Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 5442 256988

Mathura Bhandar

Sankat Mochan Mandir
Sai Temple To Bata Road
Wellesly Ganj
Mirzapur - 23100
Phone no.: 5442 252547   

Prakash Sweets

Welleslyganj, Ghantaghar Road
Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 5442 256985,9450801241

Jai Singh Sweets
Gurhatti Bazar, Emartie Road
Mirzapur Ho, Mirzapur - 231001
Phone no.: 5442252210

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